3/10/2021, 20.00 h.
Jazz Dock

The 16th annual international music festival American Spring will resound in Jazz Dock on October 3rd with two extraordinary ensembles. In first half of the evening it will be Vilém Spilka Quartet followed by Aga Zaryan Trio.


Radek Zapadlo – saxophones, Vilém Spilka – guitar, Vlastimil Trllo – bass, Martin Kleibl – drums

This quartet was founded in 2013 and comes out as a natural continuation in a series of joint musical activities of the creative tandem Vilém Spilka and Radek Zapadlo – they have played together in Unity Quartet, Two Generation trio or the quartet of the legendary bassist Vincent Kummer. Their current project preserves an almost telepathic interplay of two musical friends developed by years of playing together, but also explores new musical materials penned by Jan Nedvěd or on their own.

The combination of saxophone and guitar has always had a unique sound compatibility and is even more outstanding in the presence of a reliable and inventive rhythm section. It features seasoned drummer Martin Kleibl, whose engagements range from the Brno Philharmonic to the multigenre OK Percussion Duo, and a bassist Vlastimil Trllo whose services are used by many bandleaders ranging from folk to pop music.


Aga Zaryan – singing, Szymon Mika – guitar, David Dorůžka – guitar

Aga Zaryan is currently considered the most famous Polish jazz singer. She has 9 albums to her credit, most of which have been released by the prestigious Universal and Blue Note labels. She has collaborated with names such as Jacob Collier, Freddy Cole, Brian Blade, Geri Allen, Tomasz Stanko, Munyungo Jackson, Larry Koonse and many others. Her new project is based on original compositions based on the lyrics of the American poet Sarah Teasdale. And compared to previous albums, he shows it in a more intimate light, accompanied by two probably the most sought-after jazz guitarists in Central Europe, Szymon Mika and David Dorůžka. A larger part of this new program will be premiered in Prague, supplemented by songs from previous albums written for her by David Dorůžka and other authors. In general, Aga Zaryan’s music is very deeply rooted in 20th-century jazz music, but with its openness, color, expressiveness and intimacy, it is also one of the most progressive on the European continent in recent years.