23/5/2022, 19.00 h.

We are very sorry, but unfortunately we have to postpone concert of Attacca Quartet due to the illness of one of the performers to a new date next year. We will inform you about it as soon as possible. Tickets remain valid.

Amy Schroeder – violin 
Domenic Salerni – violin 
Nathan Schram – viola 
Andrew Yee – cello 

The 17th annual international music festival American Spring will resound in DOX+ offering the Grammy-winning Attacca Quartet. As described by The Nation, one of this quartet’s virtues is that it “lives in the present aesthetically, without rejecting the virtues of the musical past”. It is its ability to adapt both musical expression and technique to cover repertoire from the 18th to the 21st century. This is to rank the ensemble among one of the most versatile and distinctive up-to-date ensembles – the quartet for the current classical repertoire. The concert will feature a repertoire curated by John Adams for the American Spring Festival. It is organised in cooperation with Prague Music Performance.


John Adams: Alleged Dances – Toot Nipple, Alligator Escalator, Stubble Crotchet 
Louis Cole: Real Life 
Anne Müller: Drifting Circles 
Flying Lotus Suite 
Caroline Shaw: Evergreen 
Montgomery: Strum 
Wiancko: Benkei’s Standing Death 
Smith: Carrot Revolution